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Each location is specific
and requires tailor-made solutions

Would you like to protect your family and your personal property ?
Would you like to ensure the safety of your residence?
Would you like to improve the security set up of your building?

For villas, yachts, high-rise buildings, apartment blocks, companies, building sites, shops.

boss sécurité privée offers tailor-made solutions to ensure the safety of your site.

After an analysis of your location and an appraisal of the existing security systems, boss sécurité privée selects the most adapted security agents and dog handlers. They also undergo an additional training course about the site to be protected.

Our agents and dog handlers are carefully selected for their reactivity, their discretion, their courtesy and their diplomatic skills. They are serious and always here to listen.

The management of boss sécurité privée ensures regular checks on its men and constant supervision in order to guarantee the best protection possible.

You will therefore enjoy fail-safe protection.

boss sécurité privée

7, rue Suffren-Reymond
MC 98000 Monaco

Tel. : +377 97 77 11 03

Fax : +377 97 77 11 10

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