boss sécurité privée, best of security services

Our know-how in risk prevention

  • Do you organise private or public events?
  • Are you preparing a special evening in your establishment?
  • Do you need to organise the security set-up for your wedding?
  • Are you organising a conference and in need of specially qualified staff to watch the door?
  • Are you exposing valuable goods?

⇛  boss sécurité privée will advise you and offer suitable solutions adapted to current risks.


In order to guarantee the success of your event, security is essential: controlled access, management of exits… boss sécurité privée will set up your project with you depending on the location, the context and the guests… We will define your needs together and set up the structure that will ensure the success of your event.

Reception - Filtering - Zone security - Controlled access - Anti-terrorist control - Prevention of fire hazards - Crowd management...

Our security agents are trained; they will anticipate and manage all situations. They are:

  • In possession of a SSIAP qualification (Security Services for Emergencies and Personal Assistance)
  • Physiognomists
  • Dissuasive
  • Reactive
  • Trained in anti-terrorism palpation